Marketing Videos Increase Your Visibility


30 second photo video for $499

Video is a known to increase your visibility online, in social media and e-mail with the highest conversion and click rates to your website. Save time and money with the exclusive production package available through Chesapeake Family LIFE.

This package includes script creation, professionally recorded studio voiceover, and 30 seconds using your photos to convert to video. Delivery time in just 1 week in most cases.

Videos have been proven to increase your websites conversion rate and explain your service to your viewer. You can embed your video onto your website landing page, or promote it virally using social media platforms such as Facebook and YouTube.

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Here are the details

Attention Grabbing Script Creation
Our marketing experts will prepare a 30 second script (70-75 words) for your video, explaining your product in the simplest way possible. Your video is a mini-sales presentation to your viewer.

Your Message
Voiceover artists will allow your video to connect to your audience and build rapport with them as if talking over the phone or in person. Text is displayed over images so that your message gets to the user even when their sound is turned off.

Amazing Photo Stories
Nothing comes close to grabbing attention like video using your photos. This allows us to express your message in an effective way.

One-to-One Project Management
Throughout every project you will have access to our entire team, as well as direct access to a project manager. You will be able to ask questions at every stage, and provide feedback and ideas directly.

Boost Your Business Exposure
By combining marketing principles with engaging video, you are able to draw your viewers in and promote your message to them. Not only is it entertaining for the viewer, but also increases the chance of them following through with your call to action by more than 50%.









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