Advertising in Chesapeake Inspired Digital Magazine

Chesapeake Inspired Magazine

Are you looking for a way to interact with readers and direct them to content on your website? Our new digital magazine, Chesapeake Inspired, has the advertising solutions to boost engagement.

Introducing Chesapeake Inspired

Cover of Sample Magazine
Sample Cover of Chesapeake Inspired

  • Reach 60,000 households
  • Video capabilities
  • Photo Slideshows
  • Embedded forms
  • Full page ads only
  • Limited to 10 advertisers

This easy to read and interactive digital magazine goes beyond the typical PDF.

Emailed out monthly with a focus on family and lifestyle, the advertising possibilities in this format allows us to include direct links, video, interactive galleries and even website frames so your website becomes your ad.

Browse through the example below and then reach out to us to see how we can make your advertisement more effective.

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