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Advice from Mom— Self Care Is Not Selfish, It Is Essential to Self Preservation

A mother’s day reflection from Rhonda Pindell-Charles, Esq.

Long before our skies were filled with planes and passengers, my Mother, Gwendolyn Queen Pindell (1924-2015), believed in the flight attendants’ instructions: First, you put on your own mask, then tend to those who need you to help them put on theirs. In other words, practice self-care first so that you will be equipped to care for others. My mother was generous and selfless, almost to a fault.

She possessed an enormous amount of spirituality, faith, leadership, and strength. She believed in the power of prayer, education, family, and community. She was extremely organized and strategic. 

As an Algebra teacher, she saw how to best navigate and manage life, and she would constantly remark: “Break things down into smaller parts.” As a teacher, and as she got older, she would always say, looking heaven-bound: “I’m studying for my final exam.”

My Mother’s life has been a tremendous guiding force for me during my entire life as well as for our family as a whole, immediate and extended family included. Beyond our family, the community at large has benefited greatly from the life she lived–full and very productive–a life well lived indeed.

Rhonda Pindell-Charles, Esq.
Annapolis City Councilwoman/Alderwoman

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