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All Wizard Everything

Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, all we need is a little bit of magic. We could all use a little magic right now, so grab your kids and some wands and let’s get magical!

We have gathered the most magical roundup of awesome wiazarding things for you and your family to do while at home. Let’s Go!

Are you a Muggle? 

Never Harry Pottered before? We can help with that. Check out the books via audible with a free 30-day free trial. We recommend the Jim Dale version; he does an amazing reading of the books. For fans who have been there and done that, there is a newer offering where some of the movie cast members read from The Tales of Beedle & Bard. Join Luna, Draco, Ginny and more while they read these tales to you and your family via audible. 

Prefer to watch the movies versus reading the books? Harry Potter connoisseurs won’t hold it against the muggles if they watch first before reading. Here’s  where you can catch all the films currently. 

  • USASyfy Channel‘s – these are free if your streaming service supports them
  • Amazon – You can currently rent them for $3.99 or purchase them each for $9.99 to own. You can also order the blu-ray set here for $46.99.
  • You can watch the movies on Google Play, Youtube, and iTunes but Amazon has the best deal currently. 


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For our First Year Wizards

Of course you must get sorted into a house! Have some fun taking the sorting quiz and then set up a great feast in your kitchen holding a ceremony to celebrate your houses! We have used many things as a sorting hat in our house including an orange cone! 

Now you need a wand, and remember, you don’t pick the wand, the wand picks you. Don’t have a wand on hand at the house, make one!

Take a tour of the History of Magic Exhibit for free! The interactive exhibit allows you to get up close with various spell books, artwork, and magical artifacts from the Wizarding World. 

Play I Spy with this printable worksheet full of tons of things you would find at Hogwarts. 

Have your kids make their very own spell book. They can use a notebook they have already or make their own and decorate it. 

Using these printable clues and have a Harry Potter scavenger hunt. 


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For our more Advanced Wizards

You can virtually visit Universal Studios Wizarding World and even ride the rides! The Undercover Tourist Youtube Channel makes it easy for us to be a part of everything Harry Potter Universal Studios has to offer via their YouTube channel. 

Check out this Harry Potter themed digital Escape Room! If you are accessing this through a social media app, we recommend opening this escape room in a separate web browser so you don’t lose progress when clicking on necessary links. 

Go to Potions class with Outschool, here (ages 7-11). During class you will travel to Diagon Alley to learn about Potions/lab equipment, ingredients, potions safety, and experiment with invisible ink from Weasleys Wizard Wheezes! Looking for more experiements to do at home, check out these additional Harry Potter Science experiments. 

Create your Harry Potter character back story and enroll in classes at Hogwarts is Here. Registering for classes is free and easy! The site offers classes like Defense Against the Dark Arts or Potions, and the courses even come with quizzes to test your magical knowledge.

A great way to get moving and get out of the house to stretch your legs, all while keeping your social distance, is the app Wizards Unite. Think Pokemon Go but in the world of Hogwarts. You will walk around and collect magical objects, dicover creatures and more!

Finsih off a hard day of wizarding with some Butter Beer Cookies!

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Not Done Yet?

If you are looking for even more ways to get your wizard on check out the newly released Harry Potter at Home Hub from Wizarding World Digital. The hub is filled with Harry Potter fun crafts, puzzles, art, and more, to keep your family occupied while at home. Read more about it here.


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