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Animal Adventures in Washington, DC, Philadelphia and Harper’s Ferry


If you’re unable to take an extended family vacation this summer, don’t despair. Consider a day or weekend trip instead. There are several fun and interesting destinations you can explore, and they’re only a short drive from home.

Since you’re only driving for a few hours, you can decide if you want to visit for a day or if you prefer to spend the weekend.

A vacation is meant to be relaxing, and perhaps there is nothing more peaceful than escaping the day-to-day stresses of life and connecting with nature. Whether you and your family enjoy leisurely strolling through a zoo and visiting the exhibits or prefer a more rugged activity, such as hiking, there are numerous places to observe and interact with wildlife. Washington, D.C., Philadelphia and Harpers Ferry are three nearby destinations that offer a wealth of opportunity to explore the natural world. So forget about staying home and forgoing a vacation. Go ahead and plan your family getaway, and create your own adventure—close to home.

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