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Annapolis College Consulting: Education Profile

No matter where you are on your path to college acceptance, Annapolis College Consulting can help add your story to our growing list of successful outcomes. Take the first step to a brighter future and request a free meeting with us today.

General Info:

Address: 252 Cypress Creek Road, Severna Park
Phone: 443-220-5750
Website: https://annapoliscollegeconsulting.com/

Q&A with Annapolis College Consulting:

What makes Annapolis College Consulting unique?

Each student that we work with receives personalized college coaching because we only work with a a limited number of students each year. In contrast to a guidance counselor who may have hundreds of students on their roster, we get to know each of our students well.

This in-depth knowledge enables us to focus on the areas of their college preparation that need the most attention.

Every student has unique needs – whether it’s developing ideas for essays, expanding their resume and extra-curricular activities, or coaching on interview skills, we can help.

Our graduate school expert also specializes in the BSMD programs and has a tailored approach for any student interested in pre-professional programs.

What is Annapolis College Consulting’s age/grade range?

Annapolis College Consulting helps students from 10th to 12th Grade.

What is Annapolis College Consulting’s enrollment policy? Are there any key dates parents should be aware of?

Our enrollment is currently at 20 students so that we can give them the one-on-one attention that focuses on their needs and wants to help them through this process.

Does Annapolis College Consulting offer financial assistance or advice?

Yes! A big component of our expertise is helping families navigate and understand need-based aid and merit aid.

Does Annapolis College Consulting offer support for students with special needs?

Yes, we have a consultant who specializes in children with learning differences.

What extra safety measures is Annapolis College Consulting taking during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We offer options to meet in person and on Zoom.

Who should parents contact for more information about Annapolis College Consulting?

Please contact Lee for additional information! [email protected]

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