Annapolis Market House Settlements


Annapolis finally reached legal settlements with the last of the former tenants, architect and engineer of the city owned Market House.

Annapolis Mayor Ellen Moyer announced on Monday, June 8th, that the City of Annapolis has ended the 18 month legal stand off with Market House Ventures and its tenants.

Recently, settlements were reached with the following:

• The principals of the Galway Bay operations at the market house – $70,000

• The operator of the Fresh Stop – $30,000

• PPCF Inc., which operated 5 stalls in the market house – $95,000 plus additional consideration

This comes on the heals of an out-of-court resolution with its architect, Murphy & Dittenhafer, Inc. and its engineer, Schlenger/Pitz & Associates, Inc., as well as Guardian Food Concepts and Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, also agreeing to resolve their claims. This recent action completely resolves any claims against the city regarding the Market House. Litigation continues between Market house ventures and its tenants.

But now the city can make long awaited repairs to the air conditioning and begin to fill the empty market house with short term tenants while they figure out what to do next.