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Annapolis mom seeks support to launch Down Syndrome website


Annapolis mom Anna Nardone Hayden has launched a crowdfunding campaign to build and grow a new website that will provide valuable resources for families with children who have Down syndrome.

Hayden hopes to raise $30,000 by Nov. 22 to support her website KateisKate.com. So far, the campaign has raised approximately $9,000 in just 21 days.

Help for families wtih Down syndrome

Hayden has a daughter with Down syndrome and wants to connect other families with therapies, research, and inspirational stories that will assist and empower them.

“By the time Kate was 9 months old, I had learned so many things that helped her development,” says Hayden. “I wondered if other families had access to the resources we had.”

Her concern for the children who don’t have the resources they need led her to the idea of the website. The site will give families and caretakers access and insight into some of the incredible work and therapies that can make a huge difference in their child’s development.

“I am constantly amazed at how simple, easy playful activities that I never would have thought about as therapy make a profound difference in Kate’s developmental growth,” Hayden says.

KateisKate.com will include:

  • Instructional Videos & Personal Blog: Videos such as one that shows the use of a pizza-building game with Kate that also incorporates sequencing, auditory processing, fine motor skills, and counting.
  • Experts: To address the issues of speech, occupational therapy, physical therapy and sibling relationships.
  • Research: Neuroscience Development, Nutrition, Alternative Health and more.
  • Resources: Including organizations and other blogs.
  • Inspirational Stories & Testimonials

When asked about this project, Kate’s occupational therapist Tracy Wilson from The Pediatric Development Center in Rockville said, “Anna and her daughter Kate are such an inspiration to us as therapists! I know that the KateisKate website will be a valuable resource for families of children with Down syndrome and the professionals who work with them.”

Crowdfunding is a collective fundraising effort that uses social media to reach people and gain financial support for a project. Hayden’s campaign is now live on Indiegogo, one of the pioneers of crowdfunding set up in 2007.

For more information about the KateisKate.com campaign and to donate visit: http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/kateiskate-com

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