Anxiety and Managing the Return to the Classroom

Mother and her son schoolboy going home from school together, they are wearing surgical mask do to coronavirus and holding hands.

This last year has been a wild ride for kids of all ages, and we’re seeing kids exhibit concerning behaviors including irritability, fatigue, loneliness, lack of motivation, difficulty concentrating, and lack of academic progress.

On Friday, April 30, we spoke to Summit School Psychologists Genevieve White and Dr. Leslie Eget about how the last year has impacted childrens’ mental health, reasons difficult behaviors are on the rise, and how we can reverse some of the impact of the last year. Tune in to also learn about how kids are handling getting back into the classroom, and anxieties surrounding the switch back to in-person school that some students are having.

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Genevieve White and Dr. Leslie Eget are School Psychologists at The Summit School. The Summit School was founded to serve children, grades 1-8, with dyslexia and other learning differences. The Summit School has an incredible record of helping children become successful learners and is open for in-person, on-campus learning 5 days a week. The Summit School teaches the way your child needs to learn, tracking progress and communicating growth. No more surprises at the end of a marking period. For more information about The Summit School and the resources available, please visit

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