APASSIONATA show has been suspended


apassionataIf you bought tickets to APASSIONATA, the European horse show, make note that the North American tour has been suspended.

APASSIONATA was originally scheduled for an 18 month tour of the United States and Canada including a show at the Verizon Center in Washington D.C., but had to cancel do to financial issues.

The producers said, “With a heavy heart, we are suspending our North American tour immediately due to the financial crisis in Europe, which has affected our finances. The support we have received from fans across the country has been tremendous and it is our intention to come back as soon as possible.”

The show has done well in the three markets it played since April; Louisville, KY, East Rutherford, NJ and Baltimore, Md.

Refunds will be made for the Verizon Center shows originally scheduled from Aug. 10-12 at the patron’s original point of purchase up until Sept. 12. Tickets purchased online at www.ticketmaster.com or via credit card will be automatically credited.

The producers plan to resume the North American tour in the future.

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