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Are your kids safe in the car if you have a cold?

highway carPlanning to drive the kids to school despite that nasty head cold? You might want to reconsider. A new study reveals that driving with a cold or the flu is the equivalent of downing four double whiskeys before getting behind the wheel.

Researchers at Cardiff Univeristy in Wales (in association with UK-based insurance company, Young Marmalade) put drivers through a hazard simulator test. Those suffering from colds and flu came off worst: Their driving skill dropped by about 50 percent when compared with those who were healthy. They were more likely to have reduced reaction time and experience a major loss of concentration.

“This small-scale trial provides a warning for motorists,” said Nigel Lacy, one of the co-founders of Young Marmalade. “A heavy cold can impair a driver’s mood, concentration, and judgment.”

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