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At Home Style: Snowman Candlescape

Holiday decorating at it’s best. When finished, display your candlescape on your mantle, dining room table, kitchen countertop and guest bathroom. They also make a great hostess gift at holiday get togethers. 

Snowman Candlescape

From www.Michaels.com Decorating Candles (Episode 8) video

Approx. Craft Time: 30 minutes Skill Level: 2 (1 being the easiest)


  • Three white pillar candles: 3”, 6”, and 9’’
  • 1/8” black eyelets bull
  • 1/4 orange eyelets
  • 1/8” orange eyelets
  • Black jumbo brads (for buttons)
  • Ribbon of choice
  • Two packages of Snow Real
  • 12″glass candle plate
  • Hot glue gun
  • Hot glue sticks
  • Scissors
  • Beading reamer


Firmly press eyelets into candles as shown in photograph.

Use beading reamer to start holes for easier placement of brads(buttons).

Use the smaller black eyelets to create eyes and mouth. Start with the larger orange eyelets graduating to the smaller ones to create nose.

Cut a 12-inch piece of ribbon for each candle, wrap around candle, tie once and tack with glue, making sure the ribbon design is showing. Trim ends.

Following the directions on the package of Snow Real, mix snow. Place candles on plate and add snow.

Craft Notes: Due to the seasonal nature of some merchandise, actual availability of some products listed may vary. Follow manufacturer’s directions for all products used.

Another idea: Paper Tree Christmas Centerpieces.

Jeanne Slaughter is the Marketing Manager for Chesapeake Family and, at times, a Martha Stewart wannabe.

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