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At Home Style: Valentine’s Day Paper Crafts with Kids

Valentines Day is right around the corner. Along with some heart shaped cookies (save time – buy ready to bake) here are some fun crafts you and the kids can do together while the cookies bake to decorate the house for Valentines Day. Most important, have fun a be creative!

Paper Valentine Garland StrandsPaper Valentine Garland Strands


Assorted Paper, a Needle and Thread and 2” Scalloped Shaped Hole Punch

1. Fold 3” to 6” paper squares in half and cut a half heart from the fold.
2. Thread needle and string hearts together through the top center of the folded paper hearts.
3. Using scalloped hole punch, make shapes from paper. Thread needle and string through the opposite sides of each scalloped paper.
4. Add as many hearts and scallops as it takes to raech your desired length.

from RealSimple.com

Hanging Paper Heart ChandlierHanging Paper Hearts Chandelier

Here is a fun Valentine decor-craft you can do with your kids.

patterned papers, cardstock (12″x 12″), Scissors, paper cutter, curling ribbon or other ribbon and stapler, (hole punch- optional)

Cut the paper w/ the paper cutter into 1 inch strips. For variety, you can cut some larger.
To make a heart: fold a strip right in the middle and crease it. Then bring the ends together and staple, forming a heart. You can add another smaller heart in the middle or make larger hearts by using two strips of paper. You can also use two strips together when making a heart, so you have a pattern on both sides.
Staple or tie curling ribbon to hearts to hang up. You can also use a hole punch to punch a hole for the ribbon to go through.

from mygratitudeattitudes.blogspot.com

by Jeanne Slaughter, Marketing Manager for Chesapeake Family and at times a Martha Stewart wannabe.

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