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Holiday Hills Playground

Holiday Hills has been our most frequented playground during the pandemic! Wehave had this neighborhood playground to ourselves many weekdays andweekend mornings (or sharing...

Spring into Kinder Farm Park

Spring is that you?! After a long winter, spring seems to finally have made a grand entrance. Now that we’re able to enjoy beautiful...

Meet Maryland Kid Amir Elisha Whitehead, Future D1 Foil Fencer & Stockbroker

Meet Amir Elisha Whitehead, fencer, future stockbroker and class of 2021 graduate. This Maryland Kid is an impressive young man who by 8th grade...

Everyone Loves Pi Day!

March 14th is Pi day! 3/14 corresponds to the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (3.1415926535.) Pi day gives all...

10 Cute & Clever Leprechaun Traps

I am Irish! I have had green milk and pancakes for breakfast and corned beef and cabbage for dinner every single St. Patrick's Day...

Personalized gifts that take time

This year, due to COVID, I haven't been out much shopping at all and I won't be hitting any big box stores during shopping...

The Highly Melanated Gift Guide

30 Amazing Gifts from Black-Owned Brands While we are continuing to work to support the Black Lives Matter movement through education, voting, and supporting racial...
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