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Baby-Made Nicknames Can Stick

Dear Dr. Debbie,
Our second-born has mispronounced our first-born’s name since she could talk.

He doesn’t seem to mind. In fact, I noticed the younger one, now 4 ½, actually pronounced his name correctly when talking to her friend’s parent, but continues to address her brother with the simpler name she has been using for him. I asked him if he minded and he said, “No, I like it when she calls me that.”
My question is, should we help her to switch to the correct pronunciation or let him decide when, and if, he’d prefer her to say his name correctly?

Two Children, Three Names

Dear TC, TN,

I’d leave it alone. The person being named should be the one to decide whether he is pleased with how he is being addressed, and should feel free to speak up if he isn’t. A “pet” name is a lovely connection for these siblings to have.

Dr. Debbie

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