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Back to School Books for Parents

Heading back to school affects everyone in the family. Here are four new books to encourage learning for kids and parents!

How to Raise a Reader9781523505302 p0 v3 s550x406
by Pamela Paul and Maria Russo
We all know that reading to your little ones is important. This book aims to up your kids’ reading game with helpful tips on fostering good reading habits for readers at all levels. While it touches on reading to infants and toddlers, the chapters on helping emerging, independent readers and middle grade readers foster a love of reading are poignant and helpful. Parents will also find tips on keeping teens interested in books and a wealth of wonderful book recommendations across genres from heart warmers, tearjerkers and funny books to great young adult books and books that promote kindness and empathy.

indexMindfulness for Students—Embracing now, looking to the future
by Natasha Kaufman
Students, especially teens, are stressed out. This book lays out using mindfulness as a way to deal with stress in a way that’s easy to follow. The long introduction is particularly helpful in defining mindfulness and explaining the parts of the brain and how it reacts to stress. The author then walks students through topics including breathing, switching off, tuning in, compassion and knowing yourself. It is geared toward students and teens, but will be helpful for adults and younger kids as well.


Middle School Matters—
The 10 Key Skills Kids Need to Thrive in Middle School and Beyond—and How Parents Can Help.

by Phyllis L. Fagell, LCPC
Middle school is a tough period for many kids, and parenting middle schoolers can be an equally difficult challenge. Kids are facing a different world today, and this book does a great job at introducing parents to what middle school is like today for kids, combining current research with helpful tips for parents and includes advice from teenagers as well as professionals. Common sense advice on managing friendships, dealing with bullies and gossip, and growing up sexually healthy will help parents of middle schoolers be ready to handle middle school situations with confidence.

9781523505425How to Stop Losing Your Sh*t With Your Kids—A Practical Guide to Becoming a Calmer, Happier Parent by Carla Naumburg, PhD
If you haven’t lost your sh*t with your kids, congratulations, you are one in million! For the rest of us, we have a book for you. And with school back in session, sports and after-school activities kicking into gear again, you might find yourself needing this book, which can help you keep from losing it. It tackles, with wit and expert information, topics including why parents lose it with their kids, knowing your hot buttons and triggers, how to stop losing it so often, and advice for what happens when you slip up. Naumburg understands parenting and gives advice that is practical, useful and written without judgment.


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