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12 Back-to-School supplies that will make your kids want to do their homework

I didn’t love going back to school as a kid but I always loved back-to-school shopping. Check out and shop this year’s must-have school swag for your kid’s school year.


Pizza Shaped Sticky Notes $9.99

To-do lists never looked so good.


3-D Printer Pen $38.99

This pen uses heated filament that quickly cools into shapes and structures, sure to stimulate your child’s imagination.



Graphing Calculator Slide Starburst Case $29.99

Galaxy themed items are showing up everwhere. So reach for the stars this year and take your math skills out of this world with this graphing calculator cover.



Scratch-off Lunch Love Notes $7.99

These are more for moms and dads then the kids, but how awesome are these cute notes you can write words of encouragament on and slip them into your child’s lunch, notebook, or bookbag for an unexpected suprise.


Kawaii Stationary Tape $9.99

Your kids will love decorating their folders and homework papers with this cute tape.


All-in-One Wireless Photo Printer $49.99

Make sure your child’s at-home work station has an easily accessible printer.



Bento Box $39.99

 A hot/cold Bento lunchbox designed to help kids eat better at school.

Avacado Pencil Sharpener & Eraser $10

Your child will continuily enterain themselves with this hilarious sharpener and eraser set.


Pom Pom Paperclips $11.99

Organziation has never been so vibrant!


Lego Ruler $12.98

This ruler really measures up! Homework will be more bearable with these fun rulers.


5 Pack Hand Sanitizer $14.98

Back-to-school also means way more germs, be prepared with this 5 pack of hand sanitizer. Includes Lavender(1), Berry Lemonade (2), Ocean Breeze (2).

Funny Face binder Clips $19.38

These clips will keep your student organized and smiling throughtout the school day.


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