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Back to school too soon — FranklyStein

back to schoolSummer goes by fast enough without school sucking up more and more of it. That’s how it feels anyway.

I’m eagerly awaiting the announcement from the governor today on the school schedule. Will he mandate a later start for next year? I like the idea, but am wondering if kids would be in school until the Fourth of July.

My youngest doesn’t go back until after Labor Day. You can see this by the back-to-school picture I took this week. He was still in bed. The girls went back on Aug. 25, and my older son started Aug. 29.

Truth be told, my youngest is pretty bored. I’m working so there’s not much on the agenda for him. There are no camps to send him to, most of the neighborhood kids are back in school and even Six Flags is closed this week — I know because a friend was going to take him. I bought him a big mural coloring page and that’s been his project. I’m sure it’s a little bit mind numbing, but he won’t admit he’s ready to go back.

Up until my oldest started high school four years ago, all of my kids were off until after Labor Day. I loved it back then. We stayed at the beach after most everyone else was gone and it was amazing. Facebook memories keep reminding me.

Now we rush home from vacation for sports and school. And even though my older three all have homework and after school activities, their summer lifeguarding jobs aren’t over. The pools are still open in the afternoons and evenings until Labor Day. It’s creating a bit of stress.

Personally, I’d love if schools didn’t open until after Labor Day. I hate seeing the end of summer and love the leisurely life when the kids are out of school, but I’m not sure it’s a great idea. There would have to be some magical solution so that starting later doesn’t mean ending later. And then there’s the matter of sports — could we push back the start of those too?

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