Backyard Water Fun

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Whether it’s because camp or the pool is closed, we’ll all be spending more time in the backyard this summer.  

Here are a few great ways to splash up the fun!

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The summer backyard toy of our youth is pretty simple to make if you can’t find one in stores or just feel like getting creative and thrifty!

Here’s a great tutorial from

In short, you’ll need:

A Roll of clear plastic sheeting (clear is nicer than black, which can get very hot in the sun)

pool noodles

a hose

landscape pins or tent stakes

liquid soap


Water Blobs

8 how to make mini water blobWhat’s a water blob, you ask? Water blobs are like an old school water bed, but for lounging on outside, or as kids will inevitably do, slipping and sliding about! You can make a giant water pillow for kids to slide and slop around on, or make personal mini blobs for each kid.

What you’ll need:

4mil Plastic Sheeting (at least, the heavier the better), available at your local hardware store

Duct tape

Or, for better results and fewer leaks, an iron and some parchment paper.

Essentially, fold the plastic sheeting in half, to the size you want. Duct tape the sides together well. Tape the last side together, leaving a small opening for the hose. Fill with water, and then duct tape the hold closed. You can add food coloring to make it look more like the pool.

Here is a great tutorial on Mini Water Blobs. (The picture on the right is from this tutorial at

This tutorial by Homemade Toast is for bigger water pillows, with great instructions on the ironing process.


A google search will bring you to hundreds of unique homemade sprinkler systems (we really liked this one, from, which also has a great tutorial), but the main concept remains the same for each:

Drill holes (at different angles, so the water sprays in multiple directions) in PVC pipes, and then connect the pipes with 90-degree PVC elbow joints and PVC T-connections. Place PVC caps on the ends not used, and be sure to allow enough height and width in the PVC frame for children to comfortably run through. Don’t have PVC pipes on hand? Get creative; an old hula hoop hooked up to a hose with holes drilled in the side can work just as well in a pinch. In no time, everyone will be cooling off and having a blast.

pool noodle water sprinkler

And don’t forget pool noodles! There are oodles of ways to use these fun summer toys to make sprinklers or water obstacles. We really enjoy this one from Ziggityzoomzoom.


Water Balloon Pinata

String ’em up and let the kids get silly while they try to break balloons and get splashed.

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