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Best Performing Web Ads

The best performing web ads will be the ones that help you reach your goals. That being said, there are features standard in the most successful web ads. 

Web Ad Click Thru Rates

The average global web ad click through rate (CTR) is .06%. An ad getting .4% to .6% is really impressive.

The first half of 2022 your ads on ChesapeakeFamily.com regularly reached a CTR of .28 to .60%, and in one instance a whopping 2.64%. Your ads reach a targeted audience which makes them much more effective for you.

The above graph shows some average CTRs on ChesapeakeFamily.com during the month of May 2022, based on type of advertiser.

More Web Advertising Options

Sponsored Content is not a display ad but instead, your content is hosted on ChesapeakeFamily.com helping establish you as an expert in your field. Readers are directed to your content and on average 185 users per month read the content. 

Directory listings receive a fairly consistent number of users and should be considered a long term, but consistent source of traffic to your website. Paid listings have 3-4 times more people looking at their listings than the free versions.

Make Sure Your Ad is Successful

The success of your web ads on ChesapeakeFamily.com are very important to us. We will work with you to create and monitor an ad that gives you the results you want. Your ads are measured and tracked on a daily basis. Analytics are made available to advertisers.

There are five major factors that impact the number of clicks display advertisements receive. Keeping these in mind will ensure your advertising campaigns have great performance!

They are:

  1. Position on the Page
  2. Size and type of ad
  3. Great Imagery
  4. The Length of the Run
  5. Call to Action (a reason to click)

Web Ad Examples

Countdown Clock 

In Story Ribbon 

Photo Gallery

Video Ad with Links and Social Media

Are you ready to increase your digital advertising success and take advantage of increased web traffic by parents? We’ll make web advertising easy and walk you through successful options.  Email

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