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Better Braces Can Style Your Smile


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If your teenager needs braces but worries about how traditional metal braces will affect her looks, many options exist other than metal braces.

Innovations like Invisalign, self-ligating and lingual braces can all help your teenager look good while straightening their smile—all without using metal braces.

The biggest concern of a teen’s life should be about what type of car she wants and the latest fashion trends, not her orthodontic treatment plan.

Not excited about hearing from her orthodontist that she needed braces, Brianna Weigman began to do some research to find a treatment that wouldn’t drastically change her appearance. After some basic Internet research, Brianna found Invisalign, a series of aligners that would give her that perfect smile without the metal.

“My mom pretty much said that as long as they fit into our budget then I could get them. I found Invisalign, and knew that if I got this type of braces then my appearance wouldn’t change,” said Brianna Weigman. “ I didn’t want to have a mouth full of metal, especially not in my junior year of high school.”

Brianna, like many other teens and adults, was in need of orthodontic treatment but didn’t want to dedicate both her mouth and appearance to regular silver braces. Trends in orthodontics and advancement in technologies have led to the widespread use of a variety of treatments other than metal braces.

“The most popular treatment in our office is Invisalign,” says Dr. Mairead O’reilla, an orthodontist in Annapolis. “It is not just common among teens,  but also adults. For patients looking for treatments other than metal braces we also offer self-ligating [which have metal “doors” but don’t use rubber bands] and lingual braces [which are placed on the back of the teeth] that provide a nearly invisible appearance with great results.”

But while Ivisalign may have aesthetic advantages, metal braces aren’t obsolete.

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