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Blast Off! Space theme room ideas

We moved this past year and I was trying to find a theme for my 11 year old son’s new room that he wouldn’t outgrow too soon but would still feel like a kid’s room. His old room was comic book characters and we were going to stick to that but he started showing an interest in constellations so we went out on a limb and suggested a space themed room and he was all for it.

Check out some of the items below we used in his space themed room along with some other’s that we plan on getting in the future. Click on any of the pictures to shop this page.



The base of the room started with this cool Lorena Canals Universe Washable Rug. The shapes on the rug traces various planets, a rocket, stars, Mars, meteorites, a rocket…and the Moon! My son loves it. I often find him reading, drawing, and playing with his toys down on the rug. It is plush and comfortable. Milky Way and Universe rugs are manufactured using the “loop” technique, lending them a fluffy and agreeable texture that ensures each rug is unique and no two are exactly alike.


The cushions in the Galaxy collection, which can be washed in a conventional washing machine without removing the stuffing, are striking for their soft, original and fluffy qualities. Mars, Moon, Saturn and Rocket are hand-made by master craftsmen, with a compact cotton fabric, just like the base of the rugs, in the natural colour of cotton. Their irregular finishes, attributable to the craftsmanship that goes into their manufacture, and embroidered details such as the red rivers of Mars, the craters of the Moon, the blue rings of Saturn and the vapour trail of the rocket lend them a unique and exclusive touch.

Create a warm and romantic atmosphere with this battery powered led crescent moon marquee light.


Dress the windows with a pair of Twinkle Star Kids Room blackout curtains with tiebacks and punched out stars with microfiber materials insulating your home against the invasion of the weather elements, helping balance room temperature on a smaller energy bill and warm comfort for your child.


9 Planets Luminous Solar System Wall Decals are eco-friendly and use self-adhesive PVC material, non-toxic and never damage the wall. They are easy to use: just peel off and stick. DIY fun with family, a great gift for your kids or grandchild and a great way for your kids to learn about the solar system. 

Your kids will feel like they are under the stars with these easy to apply Glow In The Dark Stars Wall Stickers.



All of the pieces above, especially the items from the Galaxy collection pulled together creates an out of this world space cool enough for both young and older kids to enjoy.

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