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Breaking the new cell phone law — FranklyStein

I admit it. I broke the law yesterday. I had the best of intentions, but then the phone rang.

I did go to great pains to try to avoid breaking the new Maryland hand-held cell phone law. I found a spare Bluetooth in the house and tried to sync it with my phone but it would not sync. I even took it to work too see if anyone there could make it sync, but no luck. On the 30-minute drive home, I vowed not to make any calls. But then the phone rang. I’m the kind of person who can’t stand to let the phone ring so I answered it.

It was my sister. I told her she was making me break the law. She said she was breaking the law too. After a short discussion on the latest issue involving our parents, I told her I had to go. I was breaking the law. Then I passed another mom who was breaking the law.

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