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Bryan Ewald is dad by day, ‘rock star’ guitar player by night

bryanewald4By Doug Miller

On winter days before his two sons were old enough to attend school, Annapolis-area musician Bryan Ewald would take them to the mall just to get them out of the house and moving around a bit. While pushing little Julian in his stroller, Ewald would encounter young mothers who thought it was just wonderful that this dad would take the day off for an outing with his kids.

Well, no, he hadn’t taken the day off, he would explain. He did this often, in fact, and actually works mostly at night. “So what do you do for a living?” they would ask. It was then that young Aiden would pipe up.

“My dad’s a rock star!”

Aiden, now 10, no longer harbors that illusion. But although Bryan Ewald doesn’t have any gold records or groupies, he really does make a living as a guitar player. Between playing gigs, touring, giving lessons and the occasional recording session, he’s actually making a living as a guitar player.

“It would be nice to have a little more free time and a little more financial security, but that doesn’t make me different from anybody else,” he says.

Ewald’s wife, Jessie, works as a finance officer for an orthodontia practice (she’s a talented singer too, Bryan insists, but shies away from performing). The family lives in a townhouse in Arnold.

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