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By The Numbers: How Many Apples Do Marylanders Grow and Eat?

Ever wonder how many apples we eat?

According to the USDA’s Economic Research Service (ERS) the average American consumes:

  • 50.6 pounds of apples per year.
  • 50 pounds only 37 % or 18.6 pounds are consumed by eating fresh whole apples.
  • 63% is consumed by eating processed apples like those found in apple juice, applesauce, and of course apple pie.
  • In 2005, Maryland produced close to 41 million pounds of apples.
  • According to the 2002 Census, Maryland has 208 baring orchards on almost 2,400 acres.
  • The top 5 apple producing counties in Maryland are (in order) Washington, Harford, Frederick, Montgomery, and Carroll.


  • Empire – McIntosh apple crossed with Red Delicious for unique taste. Crisp and excellent for snacks, desserts or salads.
  • Fuji – Very firm and unusually sweet. Red and green stripes. First discovered in Japan; a new favorite here.
  • Gala – Sweet and very flavorful with orange-striped skin and yellow flesh. A favorite for snacks and salads.
  • Ginger Gold – Outstanding early season, fresh from the orchard. Sweet, juicy and firm.
  • Golden Delicious – Sweet and mellow. Excellent for snacking, salads and all cooking purposes.
  • Jonagold – Blend of tart Jonathon and sweet Golden Delicious. One of the world’s most preferred varieties for flavor.
  • Jonathon – Moderately tart. Delicious for snacking, salads, and cooking.
  • McIntosh – Juicy and slightly tart. Great for eating fresh and baking.
  • Mutsu (Crispin) – Sweet and juicy, very firm in texture and crisp white flesh. Excellent for snacking and cooking.
  • Red Delicious – Sweet and juicy. A favorite for snacks and salads. Best for eating fresh out of hand.
  • Rome – Firm and slightly tart. Excellent for baking and all cooking purposes. A great keeping apple.
  • Stayman – Firm, rich flavor and mildly tart. Great all-purpose apple.
  • York – Crisp, firm and tart. Excellent for eating fresh and all cooking purposes.

So what is YOUR Favorite place to pick fresh apples? See if it’s on our list of Maryland Apple Orchards and Apple Picking.

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