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Camp YouTube

YouTube has a new, free Virtual Summer Camp Program that includes over 1,200 videos accessible to everyone and for all ages.

For those who were hesitant to pull the trigger on sending their kids to summer camp, Youtube has come up with a way to create the experience from home on their #CampYoutube page. Below are just a few of the programs available YouTube is offering. They have everything from guitar lessons to STEAM Projects. Parents may be prompted to make a YOUTube Kids account but it is super quick and easy to make one.

The #CampYoutube experience caters to children of all ages, even prompting you for content if you have kids above 13 years old. Their quick sign up takes you through the process of deciding which age content is best for your kid.

The website even has something called “Campfire Talks,” that focus on using your voice to make a difference. They use this area to talk about race and discrimination and how kids can talk to their families about the topic.

If you prefer not going digital this Summer and want to know what camps are open, check out the status of local camps by clicking here.


STEAM | DIY Cloud Light, Thunder Drum Toy, DIY Pendant Lamp



ART | Become a slam poet in five steps by Gayle Danley


SPORTS | Home Workout with Skylar Diggins-Smith and Lethal Shooter by Jr. NBA

ADVENTURE | Homemade Butterfly Catcher + Other Outdoor Hacks by LIFE HACKS FOR KIDS

Visit Camp Youtube to see the 1000+ videos they have available for you here.


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