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Campaign aims to stop summer weight gain, brain drain

junkfoodDuring the summertime living is not easy for many students in our country, according to a report by the National Summer Learning Association.

Not only do young people fall behind academically during the summer months, their health declines due to a lack of healthy meals and lower level of physical activity, according to the report titled “Healthy Summers for Kids, Turning Risk into Opportunity.”

In order to combat the trend of summer learning loss and weight gain, the NSLA held a summit in the spring in Baltimore to generate awareness of the problem and to seek solutions.

“The research shows healthier students are better learners, so we’re focused on where things go off the rails — it’s during June, July and August. Now, the burden is on all of us to do something about it,” says Gary Huggins, NSLA’s chief executive officer. “Our goal is to prevent so many students from coming back to school in the fall too far ahead in weight gain and two months behind in reading and math.”

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