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How to Help Kids Catch Up in School

How can parents help kids catch up in school? There’s no doubt that academic achievement has taken a hit over the last couple of years. Study after study show that parents are worried about their children’s educational delays due to the pandemic.

We talked to Tiffanie Catron, Educator and owner of Priority Academic Tutoring to discuss. Tiffanie first recommends that parents not blame themselves. Shifts in education due to the pandemic have pushed parents to be more involved and kids less independent.

  1. Are students currently meeting grade level expectations?

  2. Who is this impacting the most?
  3. What should parents be doing, in general, to support their kids in the great catch-up?

  4. If everyone is behind then when should parents start to worry that their individual child is not catching up at a reasonable rate? What should parents be looking for?

  5. If parents suspect their child is falling behind what should their first step be?

  6. When should parents involve a professional and who should they look to for help?

Tutoring Resources:

Khan Academy

Social-emotional learning resources:  https://www.drbrittpatterson.com/

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