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Nature Based Schools–A Grassroots Education

Nature-based programs, starting as early as preschool, boast benefits for children of all ages. By Kelsey Casselbury  For years, it’s been said that kindergarten is the...

Summer Fun—Day 48: Be an Agent of Discovery at Patuxent Research Refuge

Become a wildlife secret agent! Help locate and collect missing data while you learn about nature at the Patuxent Research Refuge. The Patuxent Research Refuge...

Six children’s gardens to visit in Maryland area

By Allison Eatough A bamboo maze, rows of sweet-smelling peppermint, a tree house with soaring views or giant sunflowers towering overhead, children's gardens are...

Winter play in Maryland parks from dog sledding to snowshoeing

The air is cold and the snowflakes maybe flying, but that doesn’t mean you need to keep your family inside until spring. There are...

Late summer fun at 6 Maryland state parks

From the mountains of western Maryland to the salty marshes of the Eastern Shore, Maryland is ripe with cool state parks to visit. And...

Five Cool Hikes to Maryland Waterfalls

By Katie Riley There's no better way to entice your kids on hike than picking a route that leads to a waterfall. These hikes to...

7 nature centers kids will love in the Baltimore/Annapolis area

By Katie Riley Don't underestimate how a visit to a nature center might affect your child's future. When Ben Gardner, 16, of Millersville, first...
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