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Check out Centennial Park North Playground

All Aboard!

Calling all train lovers! The recently renovated Centennial Park North playground
has a fun train structure for small toddlers. My son loved it! The train structure
was easy for him to access, which is always nice when you have smaller
toddlers. There is also a small slide and driving wheel attached to it- perfect for
little ones to safely explore.

Fun For All, Big and Small!

There is also a large second structure for older toddlers and children. Although
my younger guy still liked exploring the bigger structure too! The access to this
second structure is a ramp so the entrance is easily accessible for those in a
wheelchair or for small children. As you walk through the second structure, you’ll
see slides, wall games, spinning wheels, which eventually leads to a climbing
structure to get to the highest spot (pretty high in my opinion) with a very big

Playground Perks

Other features include monkey bars, swings, mushroom steps and a small music
area. The most unique feature I saw was a sitting merry go round with space for
4 kids!

Note This!

There are pickleball and baseball fields nearby so I am not sure about the
crowds on a weekend but it was not very crowded on a weekday morning. The
playground is not huge so it could feel small quickly. But it was a great weekday
visit. My toddler son loved it and asked to go back the next day.

9801 Old Annapolis Road, Ellicott City MD 21042

Quick stats:

Bathrooms: Yes permanent bathroom building nearby (but need to walk a little)
Parking: Yes, parking lot directly in front of playground
Picnic Benches: not yet but work is still being done on this park
Swings: Yes (but no solo baby swings, they have tandem swings though)
People Traffic: Moderate traffic on a weekday (playground is not huge so will
probably feel a bit crowded with a lot of families)

Let us know if you have any playground suggestions for us to check out in Maryland via our social media or email [email protected]

Katrina is a Maryland mom of two toddlers and has become an avid playground
explorer since the playgrounds re-opened during the pandemic. You can follow
along with her visits at @marylandkiddos. She enjoys reading, music and walks
outdoors. Recently she has combined her experience as a parent with her
master’s degree in psychology to launch a new page @connectingwithkatrina,
which aims to connect parents and children to nature and their emotional health
through virtual and in-person guides and classes.

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