We love the holiday season at Chesapeake Family Life Magazine! We know how busy this season is, so we brought you ideas for gifts for everyone in your family this month!

Here are our top picks that any mom would love. Click the pictures to shop the page. To see our gift guides for dads, little kids, tweens and teens, and pets, visit our Products We Love page.

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Gifts Any Mom Will Be Sure To Love


Rocketbook Everlast

Love technology but still enjoy writing notes and thoughts by hand? This interactive notebook lets you write notes naturally, then transfers them to digital with a snap of your phone’s camera. Notes can go from paper to digital networks such as Evernote, Dropbox, email, Slack and more just by writing a small symbol at the bottom of your note before snapping a picture. The 34-page notebook uses a special pen, and its pages can be wiped clean with water to be used again effortlessly. The pages feel great to write on; it’s a real win for old-school note takers. (Lefties beware, the ink smudges a bit, but still worth it!) Click here to see it in action. $16–$34.



Brookstone Towel Warmer

Love taking a shower or bath, but hate stepping out and freezing? Try a heated towel warmer, which will warm up one or two oversize towels in ten minutes, also works on robes and blankets. Best of all it has an automatic shut off, so you don’t have to remember to turn it off! $128.95.


Vintage Travel Poster

Vintage Travel Posters

Custom Travel Posters made with your own trip photos to create a special keepsake from your travels! Prices start around $50.




These attractive and easy to use frames will inspire you to print out your latest Instagrams and get them on the wall! This frame building system is easy to use—simply hang one frame on the wall and magnetically connect the other five frames to the affixed “master” frame. The integrated level makes is easy to guarantee the gallery is perfectly straight, and it can be easily customized with different frame arrangements. Different sizes and colors available. 6-Pack $50.


iPrep Adjustable Tablet Stand

If you cook with recipes stored on your tablet or phone, you might ask for one of these babies on your Christmas list. It adjusts to most tablets, e-readers, and phones, and comes with its own stylus, to keep your messy fingers off your screen. $25.