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Changing the school pictures and looking back — FranklyStein

It’s time again to replace the school pictures.

This year I’ve got two finishing up grammar school so I’m comparing their kindergarten and eighth grade pictures.

lillyThenI think of all my kids, Lilly has changed the most. When she was a baby, she was never still. In her bouncy seat, she would kick her feet so much that she’d kick off her socks and slide down to the bottom if she wasn’t strapped in. She’d jabber all the time in baby talk, and whenever I sat down, she would insist on sitting in my lap. Now she saves all her energy for the pool or the lacrosse field — where she’s as fast as the wind. At home, she spends most of her time curled up in bed listing to a book on tape. She’s so quiet that sometimes I’ll forget she’s in the house. What hasn’t changed is her sweet disposition. She’s kind, thoughtful and a huge help around the house. She will do anything I ask and rarely complains. She also has an innocent heart. She’d die if she knew I was telling you, but every now and then she still plays with Barbies. I love that about her.lillyNow

Keep reading to see how cute Adam was.

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