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Home Fun Check out our Maryland Playground of the Month, Kirkwood Neighborhood

Check out our Maryland Playground of the Month, Kirkwood Neighborhood

Recently Renovated Playground

This newly renovated playground is a beauty! It was so bright and colorful. The
playground had all new equipment. The amount of climbing opportunities
seemed endless. They had multiple sections across the playground, some
geared for the 2-5 crowd and the taller section geared up to 12 years old. Big
slides, little slides and swings! Swings included a baby swing and an accessible

About Savage Kirkwood Neighborhood Park

This playground is next to paved trails so it may get a little crowded on the
weekends when people are using trails but there was only one family there on a
weekday. There is a pavilion next to the playground with picnic tables, which
provided some shade. The rest of the playground has really little shade and is
very hot on a summer day. Winter or Spring would be an awesome time to visit
when you’re chilly and wanting those sunrays to keep everyone warm.
Parking is on the street and near a neighborhood. Heurich Playground is only 5
minutes so it makes a nice 2 in 1 visit when you are in the area.

Note This!

A quick note that there was a lot of trash around this playground.

Kirkwood Neighborhood Park 2600 Nicholson Street, Hyattsville

Quick stats:

Bathrooms: Did not see any official bathrooms
Parking: Street parking
Picnic Benches: Yes under pavilion
Swings: Yes (1 baby swing, 2 regular and 1 accessible)
People Traffic: n/a
Nearby Food: n/a

Let us know if you have any playground suggestions for us to check out in Maryland via our social media or email artdirector@jecoannapolis.com.

Katrina is a Maryland mom of two toddlers and has become an avid playground
explorer since the playgrounds re-opened during the pandemic. You can follow
along with her visits at @marylandkiddos. She enjoys reading, music and walks
outdoors. Recently she has combined her experience as a parent with her
master’s degree in psychology to launch a new page @connectingwithkatrina,
which aims to connect parents and children to nature and their emotional health
through virtual and in-person guides and classes.

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