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Savage Park Playground is perfect for those cool winter days

Recently Renovated Playground

The recently renovated (as of November 2021) Savage Park has brand new
equipment ready to be played on! The equipment is new, fun and fresh. It is
definitely worth a visit. It isn’t as big as some of the new playgrounds but it is big
enough for various families to spread out and enjoy.

About Savage Park

This playground is very sunny so it is perfect for the winter, colder days. It may
not be so fun in the summer unless you go when it is not as sunny out. There are
benches to sit on and a permanent bathroom building as part of the park. The
park is surrounded by ball fields and trails that lead to Patuxent Branch Trail.

Playground Perks

As for the actual playground, there are bright inviting colors! There are 2
structures- the larger one is geared for 5-12 with a ton of rope climbing
equipment. The smaller structure is still a good size but geared for smaller ages
as well. The rope and climbing structures are endless-so many exciting options
for the kids. There is also slides, swings, driving wheels, a table under the
smaller structure and a fun bouncy bridge.

Note This!

This is not fenced in! There was a lot of parking available on a weekday
but the level of crowds may increase on the weekends with sports.

Savage Park 8400 Fair St. Savage, MD

Quick stats:

Bathrooms: Yes permanent bathroom building
Parking: Yes, parking lot directly in front of playground
Picnic Benches: Yes 
Swings: (2 baby swings and 2 regular)
People Traffic: n/a
Nearby Food: n/a

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Katrina is a Maryland mom of two toddlers and has become an avid playground
explorer since the playgrounds re-opened during the pandemic. You can follow
along with her visits at @marylandkiddos. She enjoys reading, music and walks
outdoors. Recently she has combined her experience as a parent with her
master’s degree in psychology to launch a new page @connectingwithkatrina,
which aims to connect parents and children to nature and their emotional health
through virtual and in-person guides and classes.

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