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Chesapeake Family Life Kids Take Over

Our kids have been getting creative during this time at home. This week we challenged them to share what they’ve been doing with Chesapeake Family Life readers!

Our kids took to Facebook and Instagram to share their talents and creativity. All of our kids had a lot of fun creating their videos and sharing them with you. Here’s what they created! 

Keegan Draws
Keegan is the 13-year-old son of our Art Director, Jenny. Keegan is a very talented artist and has even illustrated a feature for the magazine! Here’s his quick tutorial on how to draw a self-portrait. 


Penny’s Micro-scale LEGO Creations
Nine-year-old Penny loves playing with LEGOs creatively. She has an army of tiny alien creatures, and we recently had to buy a package of LEGO eyes to keep her going. Here she shares some of her creations and challenges kids to try their hand at a micro-scale creation.


IMG 7574

Jeffries Family Kindness Rocks
These painted kindness rocks can be left throughout your community with words of encouragement, colorful scenery or fun designs. Maybe you have an elderly neighbor, teacher or healthcare worker who could use a “kindness rock” to brighten their day. Our family has been walking the paths in our neighborhood in search of rocks—preferably with smooth surfaces, which makes them easier to paint. We have a good amount of paint that has been left over from past art projects, giving my kids lots of creative options. After the rocks are painted, they are sprayed with a clear matte enamel, protecting the paint and making the rocks weatherproof.  This is a fun family activity, allowing us to get outside, be creative and help to brighten the day of someone in our community. Happy painting!



Carolyn and Emma’s TikTok Dance How-To
Teens Carolyn and Emma are home and working on their TikTok dance moves and give us a walk-through of their coreographed dance to the song ‘Say So.’


Juliet’s Math Tricks
Juliet showed us how to use our fingers to remember our 9s times tables and how to regroup to subtract large numbers!

Alana and Charli’s Fun with Alexa 
Charli and Alana love to play with Alexa. Here are some of their favorite ways to have her entertain your kids!

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