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Chesapeake Family Readers

Chesapeake Family asked readers to go online during the three months of May, June and July, and answer a survey about their reading and shopping habits.* The results are in.
Chesapeake Family readers are:
89% Women
Average age is 38

Well educated: 66% with at least a 4-year college degree

Most important editorial in Chesapeake Family:
Calendar of events
Articles on education
Articles on arts and entertainment
Articles on health related issues
Articles on home life

99% of readers say that Chesapeake Family helps them indentify service providers for their family.

56% work full or part time outside of the home
15% work from home

Ages of Children
47% have children under age 5
42% ages 5-9 years
25% 10-12 years
25% 13 years or older

88% of all children participate in some kind of after school activity. The most popular are listed below:
Team sports 58%
Swimming 44%
Music 33%
Dance 30%
Gymnastics 29%
Academics 27%
Art 20%
Martial Arts 17%

67% of parents plan to send their children to at least one summer camp in the next 12 months. That’s a staggering 75,000 kids!

Average household income: $95,700

* the survey was conducted by Readex Research 



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