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Choosing an All Girls School Curriculum

What is unique about education design for an all-female student body?

It is our mission to teach girls in the ways in which they learn best, as there is plenty of credible research that suggests that girls and boys learn differently, and our classroom environment and the pedagogy of our teachers all speak to that specific style. Our classroom settings foster and encourage self-advocacy, collaboration, and confidence. As faculty and staff, we are always looking to be at the leading edge of learning opportunities and initiatives that enhance girls’ learning and open doors for them in traditionally underrepresented fields.

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How does the school differ from other private, all-female schools?

Seton’s curriculum has evolved to include Career Programs that offer students exposure to career fields, both inside and outside the classroom. We offer a STEM program in Engineering and Design that encourages young women in this male-dominated field. The Agnes M. Brown Law Academy offers the only high school pre-law program in the Archdiocese of Washington. Elizabeth Seton is the only college preparatory high school in the State of Maryland that is officially accredited by the Maryland State Board of Pharmacy for its Pharmacy Technician Program. This year, we added a Hospitality and Tourism Management program that also focuses on business, marketing and entrepreneurship. Each of these academic tracks offer professional mentorship and internship programs.

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How might a parent determine if first, a private school and second, an all-girls school is the best environment for their child?

We are so fortunate to live in an area that offers a wide variety of schooling options for our children. Ultimately, parents know their own child or children best, so taking a close look at the child and her particular style of learning is the first step to making that decision. Given the particular learning style, decide what school purports to have a learning environment that supports that style. Small classroom sizes? Project-based approach? Lots of technology? Particular passions or interests? Is a faith based option important? Does your child have any diagnosed learning differences that may require a special setting, learning approach or include assistive technology? Of course, financial considerations and transportation options are all important considerations, as well. Ultimately, we believe whole-heartedly in the education and experiences we provide our Seton women, but it is all about finding the best fit for your child. The Admission team at Elizabeth Seton High School recognizes this and is always happy to answer questions.

If you have any questions, or would like to make an appointment for a campus visit, please call us at (301) 864-4532 or email us at admissions@setonhs.org.

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