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Christine Michel Carter, Voice for Working Moms

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Maryland working mom Christine Michel Carter, has been described as “The voice for working moms,” in her quest to inspire other moms. She invests in businesses that make a difference to women and that are owned by underrepresented women. 

Carter is also a fierce advocate for working moms and that moms should advocate for other moms. Even when there isn’t enough time, offer to take someone’s kids for an afternoon, give empathy.


After being told numerous times that she would never make more than $30,000 a year, Carter is now a single Black mom entrepreneur who angel invests in other mom-focused, multicultural-owned companies. Christine works with the Congressional Caucus on Black Women & Girls, the U.S. Department of Labor and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce on maternal and child care related issues, and has most recently worked on the maternal initiatives of Vice President Kamala Harris including the Maternal CARE Act.

Investments in Working Moms

Black business owners who apply for funding have a rejection rate three times higher than that of their white counterparts. Black mom entrepreneurs are often denied loans and given higher interest rates when trying to start and sustain a business. Christine has decided that it’s time for this to change. She’s giving other women permission to claim their power by helping them gain access to financial support. A recent article in Forbes addressed this fact: “Black women earn only $0.63 cents per $1.00 earned by white non-Hispanic men. Black mothers are more likely than any other racial or ethnic group to be their families’ main breadwinners, at 68% vs. 37% for white mothers. Over 50% of Black mothers are also caring for an aging family member at the same time. And these family caregivers spend more than 34% of their annual income on expenses related to providing care.”

Carter advises that you don’t have to invest a lot of money to help out a business, but that you should “invest in what you know.”

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