Christopher Robin – A Review By Matt the Intern

christopher robin

“Christopher Robin” is the latest installment in Disney’s live action film series, and it will please people of all ages.

I was fortunate to experience an exclusive screening of “Christopher Robin” a few days before its official release, and it did not disappoint. It was a two-hour journey back to my childhood and reminded me of the importance of being a child at heart.

“Christopher Robin” takes place during the adulthood of Christopher Robin (Ewan McGregor). He is a hardworking husband and father who focuses too much on his job, never wanting to spend time with his wife (Hayley Atwell) and daughter (Bronte Carmichael), much to their displeasure. They sadly go on vacation without Christopher, and this is when he takes a stroll down memory lane.

One day, Christopher encounters his childhood friend, Winnie-the-Pooh (voiced by Jim Cummings), whom Christopher completely forgot about as he grew up. Christopher, being the all work and no play man that he is, believes that life is not about having fun, but it is up to Pooh and his friends from the Hundred Acre Wood to help Christopher remember the joys in life and how important it is to have fun with his friends and family.

If you grew up with the Winnie-the-Pooh stories and films, “Christopher Robin” will be a nostalgic trip, but regardless of whether you grew up with Pooh, you’ll be reunited with your childhood. You’ll feel like a kid again, and everyone who sees “Christopher Robin” will learn that life can be fun regardless of how old you are.

christopher robin“Christopher Robin” is, for the most part, a lighthearted film. The only dark moment that occurs is that sometime after Christopher goes to boarding school, it is strongly hinted that his father has passed away, and after he did, Christopher became the man of the house. That is when Christopher completely left his childhood behind and became a hard worker. Hard working fathers who forget about having fun are people who reoccur in many Disney films, and in each film, they learn that fun and family matter most. In “The Haunted Mansion”, Jim Evers focuses too much on his job and neglects his family, but he learns about the importance of being with his family when they are in trouble. In “Mary Poppins”, George Banks wants his family to be hardworking just like him, but Mary Poppins teaches him the importance of fun and he becomes a much more caring father.

“Christopher Robin” is a film for all audiences. Adults will fondly return to their childhood. Children will enjoy the whimsical characters. The message will be lost on the youngest filmgoers, but they will enjoy a visit with Pooh, Tigger, Piglet and the rest of the 100 Acre Woods gang. If you’re a diehard Disney fan, you’ll want to sit through the credits for a musical treat from a Disney legend.

Matt Heid is a self described Disnerd, Star Wars fanatic, and a digital arts major at Stetson University. He is also a summer intern for Chesapeake Family Life. You can follow his Disney adventures on his Instagram page, Imagineer999.