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Classroom Valentines for Busy Moms

We often get sidetracked as parents and make a quick last minute scramble to come up with some cute and clever Valentines for our kids to give to their homeroom class.

We scour Pinterest and pour over post after post of some amazing DIY valentines that we just don’t have time to do. It’s ok! This post is here to save you time and a future Pinterest fail. Check out the roundup of Valentines below that you can order that will impress your kid’s classmates and all their DIY moms. Click the product pictures to shop the page.


I Pick Your Nose Valentines

All the kids are sure to laugh over this pick (see what I did there.) $14.94


Mason Jar Bug Erasers

Channel your inner bugoligist and show the kids even bugs can show love on Vday. $14.94 for 24 Valentines.



Cootie Catcher Valentine

This game will be sure to bring the nostalgia back for all the parents out there and give the kids somethign fun to play with. $11.95 for 28 Valentines.


Kawaii Unicorn Tattoo Valentines

Get your kawaii on this February with these cute temporary tattoos. $12.00 for 32 Valentines. This purchasse includes a bonus bracelet and foam stickers.

Wacky Face Exchange

Have some Insta fun with these wacky face Valentine exchanges. $18.95 for 32 Valentines.


Emoji Bracelets & Cards

So many kids can’t seem to put their phones down these days, they’ll love these emoji bracelet Valentines. $11.19 for 24 Valentines.


Paper Inch Worm Valentine

This cute inch worm will be a hit in any elementry school classroom.  $17.59 for 24 Valentines.


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