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Common Core bills heading to Maryland governor for signature

Common-Core-world-cloud-overwhlemedBy Margaret Sessa-Hawkins, MarylandReporter.com

The Maryland Senate took action Wednesday on three bills that address concerns over the implementation of new Common Core curriculum standards across the state.

Two of those bills will immediately head to the governor’s desk for signature.

The most far-reaching of the proposals, HB1167, delays the use of student test performance data in teacher evaluations and personnel decisions. Another bill, HB1001 will require legislative oversight if the state education department files waivers to the federal Elementary and Secondary Education Act. That act requires states to meet goals for standardized test results in order to get federal funds. Both bills passed unanimously.

A third bill, HB1164, was slightly amended in the Senate but passed with one dissenting vote. It establishes an implementation workgroup for Common Core and the standardized tests that go with it. The amended bill must go back to the House for consideration.

The bills all previously passed the House with little or no debate, and are expected to be signed into law by the governor.

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