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Complete guide to graduation etiquette

GraduationEtiquetteHLComplete guide to graduation etiquette

By Laura Barnhardt Cech

Because she already has a son in college, Debbie Larsson knows what to expect for the graduation of her twin daughters from Archbishop Spalding High School this year.

The Annapolis mother of three is familiar with the difficulty of trying to get a teenager to send out invitations and write thank-you notes, for example.

But without an older child, parents can feel a lack of guidance when it comes to graduation and the etiquette involved. There are potentially thorny issues to confront, from a limited number of seats at the ceremony to teenagers who will be invited to keg parties.

The ceremony dictates a specific etiquette, from whom to invite to what present to give. There also may be unanticipated emotions to navigate as you watch a child move from childhood to young adulthood.

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