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Concussion common sense for kids in sports

concussion tipsAny time your kids start a new sports season or attend a short-term sports camp or program, it’s wise to check on concussion facts for kids. Here are some concussion pointers from Dr. Kevin Crutchfield, director of the Comprehensive Sports Concussion Program at LifeBridge Health.

1. The best thing parents can do to help prevent a concussion is to make sure their child is in top physical shape before the season starts. “Being strong, fit and fast helps mitigate injury,” he says.

2. While schools and recreation teams are recommending, and in some cases requiring, a baseline computer test, they are only useful if done by a qualified medical professional and if the child goes back to the same professional to be retested after a concussion. Baseline tests are not FDA approved and often give a false sense of security. “It is far more important for parents and schools to identify appropriate health care providers to do this the right way,” Crutchfield says.

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