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Conservation Kids – A Green STEM documentary

A local documentary airs on November 23 at 11 a.m. on Maryland Public Television that focuses on adding environmental teachings to STEM programs.

Students across the U.S. are learning about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) inside classrooms, both public and private. What is sometimes overlooked as STEM by most educational systems is that natural resource and cultural conservation can be found right outside the classroom in our own yards, parks, and communities. This topic is the starting point for a documentary entitled, “Conservation Kids” A Green STEM Documentary.

Cheryle Franceschi is the Maryland filmaker who spearheaded the project. “When my children were younger, my husband and I had taken them to the North Rim. Later when I became a member of my county’s curriculum council, I noticed that Environmental Education and Ag Education did not receive the same attention as algebra or physics, the “traditional” STEMers taught in public school, ” says Francheschi.  She fully funded the project from development to distribution with the hope to create a movement for Green STEM Conservation. She hopes schools will incorporate the film – and Green STEM into their curriculum.

The documentary includes interviews with environmental educators, scientists and conservationists that explain “the advantages of using Green STEM in today’s global economy.” Several Maryland conservationists are interviewed, including Terron Hillsman, Ph.D., State Conservationist United States Department of Agriculture/Natural Resources Conservation Service, and Meagan Downey, program manager at the Robinson Nature Center.

Watching the film Franceschi says, “I feel students of all ages will discover that learning Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics (STEM) can be done “right outside everyone’s front door.”” A free discussion guide is provided to augment the film. Ultimately, she hopes families and educators will be able to use it as a vehicle for engaging kids with conservation.

If your school, scout troop or community organization would like to host a screening event contact Cheryle Franceschi at porecoproductions@verizon.net.


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