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Cool Kids Campaign birdhouses to be on display at Mall in Columbia

birdhouse2Check out some cool birdhouses at the Mall in Columbia that explain what it’s like to be a kid living with cancer.

Under the guidance of a professional art instructor, 36 current and former pediatric cancer patients have painted handmade birdhouses to reflect their personalities and emotions about living with cancer.

The Cool Kids Campaign’s project is called “Houses of Hope” and aims to raise awareness that kids with cancer are still just kids. The twelve birdhouses, along with a bio and photo of each artist next to it, will be on display throughout The Mall in Columbia from Aug. 1 -19,

“We’re thrilled to welcome these brave young artists to The Mall in Columbia,” said Michelle José, Marketing Manager for The Mall in Columbia. “Helping the public understand that kids with cancer are still just children is something we’re honored to help accomplish and we’re very excited to display these powerful works of art.”

In the United States, nearly 15,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year, making the disease the leading cause of illness-related death for people 18 and under. But what the statistics don’t reveal is those victims are still just kids. Kids who want to feel
normal and be treated just like everyone else. The Cool Kids Campaign was
designed for that reason: to help ALL kids feel like kids again, according to a press release from the campaign.

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