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Cordless Window Coverings Save Lives

October is National Window Covering Safety Month

Many parents will do whatever it takes to make their homes safer for their children. A safer home may lead to fewer accidents. However, no one knows every safety hazard in their home. Each October we recognize National Window Covering Safety Month to raise the profile of the hazards of corded window covering and make sure as many parents as possible know that ‎“What’s Best for Kids? Go Cordless.”‎ 

As one of the top 5 hidden hazards in American homes, corded window coverings pose a potential strangulation hazard to infants and young children. For many new parents, and experienced ones too, this safety risk is often overlooked even though it’s in plain sight every day.

The Window Covering Safety Council (WCSC) urges parents and caregivers to check their window coverings for potential hazards and to replace any corded window coverings with safer, cordless products if they haven’t already, eliminating this safety hazard.

Below are several guidelines that WCSC and safety experts recommend parents and caregivers follow when it comes to window cord safety:

·       Install only cordless window coverings or those with inaccessible cords in homes with young children. Replace window blinds and corded shades with products that are cordless or have inaccessible cords. These products have packages that are marked with the Best for Kids™ certification label. The label enables you to easily identify products best suited for homes with young children and are available at all major US retailers.

·       In instances where window cords are present, ensure that all window cords are out of sight and reach by shortening or moving them up and away so that they are inaccessible to young children.

·       Move all cribs, beds, furniture, and toys away from windows and window cords, preferably to another wall.

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