COVID-19 Survival: How to make your own TP, keep the kids busy and not go crazy


Okay, we are not really going to tell you how to make TP. However, we do have a round up of ways to occupy the kids and keep from going crazy while still being safe during the Coronavirus.

But if you really want a giggle…yes there are ways to make you own TP, which according to is a fun project for scouts.

Sometimes you just want to get out of the house. You can avoid large gatherings and still have fun. Since the virus can live on surfaces for several hours, we would suggest staying away from public playgrounds, little hands lots of germs. However, a hike on a local trail, a visit to a state park (fingers crossed they stay open) or a family bike ride all all great options for burning off energy. We would suggest taking plenty of hand sanitizer to be on the safe side.

Five Scramble Hikes for Adventurous FamiliesHikes that scramble over rocks, around boulders and through crevices can be some of the most adventurous and fun for kids, and there are several in the Maryland-Virginia area worth exploring.

Seven Maryland Hikes with Amazing Views: Maryland offers plenty of hikes with breathtaking views of either the Appalachian mountains or the Chesapeake Bay.

Family hikes in Maryland: B&A Trail and C&O Canal: There are many Maryland trails that beckon with the twin promises of wildlife sightings and historical tales, and these two are among our all-time favorites in the area.

Five Cool Hikes to Maryland Waterfalls: Take the family out to experience the magic of a waterfall.

Seven Maryland Bike Trails Fit for the Family: There are many great bike trails in Maryland for families to enjoy. After making sure the tires have plenty of air, the brakes work and the chains have plenty of lube take your pick from these popular options.

A simple way to put a fresh twist on a visit to a loca park or hike in the woods is to create a scavenger hunt list. Have the kids look for a specific list of items such as the one below.

1. pine cone

2. feather

3. acorn

4. a Y shaped stick

5. something natural and blue

6. something natural and red

7. an insect

8. something to recycle

9. flower from a tree

10. bird nest

11. seed pod

12. green leaf

13. brown leaf

14. owl pellet