Craft Blog: Valentine’s Heart Magnet

Craft Blog: Valentine Heart Magnet
Craft Blog: Valentine Heart Magnet

Hand-made gifts are some of the best ways to express your love to someone special. Make this funny character magnet for your valentine to put a little smile on their face.

Valentine Heart Magnet


  • CPE® 12” x 18” Rectangle Easy Felt- Red, Pink and Black
  • Beacon® Kids Choice™ Glue
  • Scissors
  • 5/8” Pink Ribbon
  • Wiggle Eyes- 8mm
  • Pom Pom- Pink
  • 1/4” Dowel
  • Magnet


  1. Cut the heart from Red felt and two hands and two feet from Pink felt.

  2. Cut a scrap of Black felt for the mouth.

  3. Cut a chenille stem into four equal pieces.

  4. Coil each piece or chenille stem around the dowel.

  5. Glue hand and feet to ends of chenille stems. Let dry.

  6. Glue wiggle eyes, pom pom nose and felt mouth to heart.

  7. Glue a Pink bow at the top of the heart.

  8. Glue the ends of chenille stem hands and feet to the back of the heart.

  9. Glue a magnet to the back of the heart.