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Craft: Leprechaun Trap Inspiration

If I took one of the popular DNA test kits, it would come back I’m 1000% Irish. I have the maiden last name Patrick and I look like a leprechaun with my red hair and freckles, so it goes without saying we have always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day in the Patrick household. I thought I knew everything there was to know about being Irish and celebrating St., Patrick’s Day until yesterday. 

Growing up, mom would start our mornings off with green milk, green bagels or pancakes. She made sure we had green on so no one could pinch us and then she would send us off to school and when we got home we had our annual corned beef and cabbage dinner accompanied with Irish soda bread and of course mint squares for dessert! Every year since I have had my own family I have carried on these traditions along with decorating our common area with shamrock garland and green flowers.

For almost 40 years I thought I was a St. Patrick’s Day OG and then yesterday happened. I was scrolling social media and right in my face was a beautiful creation that I had never seen before. It was green with sparkles and rainbows, it was magical. So I investigated and found out it was a leprechaun trap! But I’ve never heard of such a thing, so I looked into it more and found out that leprechaun traps are set up the night before St. Patrick’s Day to try and capture a leprechaun. I haven’t come acorss any traps that have caught one yet but there were plenty of cases that the children awoke to signs that the leprechauns have visited the trap. In most cases they were left chocolate gold coins but there was some other fun stuff left too. As I scrolled through all these trap attempst I thought, I am pretty much a leprechaun, I bet I could catch one. So yes I will be enlisting my 13 year old’s help in making a magical leprechaun trap this weekend using common household items Here is some fun inspiration if you plan on building one too. 


golden resort leprechaun trap 1



Rainbow Leprechaun Trap MommyMafia.com

Leperachan Trap 442x640


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LEGO leprechaun trap e1424982478566


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how to make a leprechaun trap st patricks day

Share your leprechaun trap’s with us and let us know if you catch one via social media. 

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