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Create a Robotic Hand

STEAM Fair 2020 Activity

Thanks to Chesapeake Family Life

Use engineering techniques to make fingers move.

What you need:

  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Cardstock paper
  • Standard drinking straws
  • Pearl drink straws or bigger diameter straws
  • Yarn or twine


How to make a robotic hand

  1. Trace Hand

    Trace your hand on the cardstock paper.

  2. Cut out hand tracing

    Cut the traced hand out (cutting it a little bigger than the actual tracing).

  3. Mark Joints

    Mark your finger joints on the cutout.

  4. Draw lines on joints

    Draw straight or curved line across joints.

  5. Fold the fingers

    Fold the fingers inward at the lines.

  6. Make finger bones with straws pieces

    Cut smaller straws to the size of the finger bones in your hand (4 pieces for each digit – leave a little gap between the lines to facilitate in threading the yarn).

  7. Attach straw pieces to hand

    Tape straw pieces to the hand.

  8. Thread yarn through straw pieces

    Thread yarn through the straw pieces. Each finger will have a length of yarn of its own. Thread all five pieces of yarn through the bigger straw.

  9. Make the fingers move

    Pull on each string to make individual fingers work.

How does it work?

The tension from the string will pull the fingers up.


Can you move multiple fingers at the same time?

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